Civil Wars: From Dublin to South Russia…Diary Pages 16 -18

Here I am again now. Its true I was floored by the RSV going around (Google it, its appalling) but I could have continued to post pages on Twitter and blog posts here – after all I was posting other stuff, but sometimes my heart’s not in it and I wonder what I am doing. This has been very much the case on my other blog The Mermaids Purse. Over there I began the year with an illustrated diary of life on the coast before it changes dramatically due to ongoing developments. It morphed into something which I ultimately had not intended. So I stopped posting to think about that. But I’ll post an update over there very soon.

Here, my lethargy has actually meant that we are still aligned with the dates in the diary. So maybe its a good thing. These pages cover the voyage through the Black Sea to Novorossiysk between December 7th and 13th 1919. I have included the last page form the last post to help it make sense. See you next week. I promise….

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