The Diary: Page One

Hi all, I’m back!

I don’t think I have ever posted all of the diary pages consecutively so that is what I will start to do today. (What I have come to call a ‘diary’ is an account written immediately after granddad returned).

I will post images of the diary pages daily on Twitter from today (despite it’s leadership being a threat to the world “order” – apparently) with a round up of the week’s images here every Sunday. And as I promised earlier this year – I’m slow but I do get there in the end!- I will pop in some posts on the other voices who have had family in the same milieu.

Today 103 years ago granddad set off for South Russia. The book From Dublin to South Russia & Return Journey expands on the pages and is available online & to order in bookshops globally. Click on diary page to embiggen!

4 responses to “The Diary: Page One

  1. I think he wrote it straight afterwards…though I’m not sure..if not on the way home. I wonder too if they all had to write some sort of report and referred to some sort of battalion log..still so many questions.


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