The Book is…HERE! Civil Wars: From Dublin to South Russia & Return Journey

Yes, here, with very little fanfare THE BOOK of this blog. Civil Wars: From Dublin to South Russia & Return Journey. Below are some sneak peaks – let me know if they are displaying right and not missing or duplicated as WordPress seems to playing around with them. Also below the links where you can get it…

Civil Wars: From Dublin to South Russia & Return Journey

It’s a softback, colour illustrated and I published it via Ingram Spark which means it is available for book shops to order globally as well as being automatically listed on many online stores. Your best bet may be to copy and paste the title from here into your browser, but I’ve included a couple of links. I will also put a link to The Book Depository in the side bar.

Locally I am hoping to get it into The Book Centre in Waterford and I will be having a launch at Garter Lane Arts Centre on April 9th. Just some chat and tea and biscuits. I will keep you posted.

For asking at your own local book shop the ISBN is 978-1-7399136-0-1

A note on the price: I have tried to keep the costs down and I get 2-3 € on each copy. Also I think it varies with inflation – I am not entirely sure how it all works. To my knowledge it’s RRP for a softback edition was around €25 with a variation from country to country. Book Depository has its at €41.40 (not true BD!) with 50% off (that’s better!) and Amazon has it at €29.75. (By the way there is a hardback version available on Amazon which is around €40 (or should be) but I think thats too expensive and I merely created it as a showcase copy.

The Book Depository is cheapest from where I am sitting partiularly as it has free postage.

Next Post: I have received a request for information on the HMT Hannover. It is the one ship I found very little information on but, as the last British ship out of Novorossiysk, it is perhaps the most iconic. So I am going to do a bit more digging and , hopefully, come back with a post soon.

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