February 1920, Novorossiysk

This month 102 years ago, granddad was in Novorossiysk with the rest of the British Military Mission as well as hundreds of thousands of refugees from all over Russia. They would evacuate at the end of March – those that could could – but February seems to have been a waiting game. Most likely the British were trying to register as many refugees as they could while the Red Army’s lines were so overstretched, their advance had slowed to a standstill. I have written elsewhere on the blog – and in the forthcoming book – about the incidents he mentions here but I thought I would publish these three pages from the diary.

I know some of you have been waiting very patiently for the final book and it is, I am glad to say, ready to launch. I’ve been delayed by a busy january and a chronic ear infection. In fact, it is already available for bookshops to order from Ingram and their global distribution partners. I just need to stop being dizzy long enough to engage in a feeble, half-hearted marketing plan to persuade one or two of them to stock it. But first I will be having a launch event in my home town of Waterford where there will be copies available. Venue is already decided…stay tuned. It’s nearly here.

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